Recovery Equipment

DT-DRGCHN Drag Chain

18mm x 5m drag chain made from Grade 70 high tensile steel

DT-FLDSAW Folding Saw

Folding saw that opens to 40cm in length (65Mn steel blade)

DT-RIGLV Riggers Gloves

100% genuine leather gloves

DT-SB8T Snatch Block 8T

Rated to 8,000kg this snatch block can handle up to 13mm cable.

DT-SWSB Spare Wheel Bag

Multipurpose Drivetech 4x4 Spare Wheel Storage Bag

DT-FLDSHV Folding Shovel

Light, compact shovel with two lockable positions (standard and 90 degrees)

DT-RECHTC Recovery Hitch

Fits all 2" hitchbars and includes 4.75T bow shackle

DT-BS47 Bow Shackle 4.75T

Essential recovery shackle rated to 4.75T