There are few certainties in life…birth, death, taxes and needing recovery equipment on 4WD adventures.

Whether you are on or off the beaten track, chances are someone in your party is going to need a little mechanical assistance to get out of a bog or bind. Make sure you are properly prepared with quality parts that will turn a challenging situation into a successful recovery without risk to life, limb or vehicle/s.

We are proud to announce that we now have your equipment needs covered with Drivetech 4x4’s new and extensive range of four wheel drive accessories, including:

  • 4WD recovery gear
    • Independently tested kinetic recovery ropes
    • Snatch straps, bow shackles, recovery hitches and snatch blocks
    • Recovery accessories – folding saws and shovels, riggers gloves, head lamps and drag chains
    • Full recovery kits
  • High lift jacks and accessories
  • LED lighting, including LED spotlights
  • 4WD snorkels
  • 4WD underbody armour

To check out what’s available for your four wheel drive, put your vehicle details in the product search above, or if you prefer, have a chat with your closest  Drivetech 4x4 Authorised Dealers and they’ll help you get the right parts and accessories for your vehicle.
You can also download the Accessories brochure.

All of the accessories are backed by a warranty and the same quality that you have become accustomed to with the Drivetech 4x4 hard parts range.

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