DT-WG200 200W Wind Generator Kit

The Drivetech 4X4 200W Wind Generator provides users with a cost-effective, renewable power source to keep their sites powered – no matter whether you’re camping twenty minutes from home, or deep in the Australian outback. This powerful wind generator charges 12/24V systems and can be easily set up in just a few minutes, giving you endless charging while you’re off the grid.

Start generating power in just minutes. Drivetech 4x4 uses a patented, permanent, magnet rotor alternator. With a unique stator design that decreases resistance, you’ll be starting to generate power at only 2.5 meters per second of wind. On the Beaufort scale, that’s about enough of a breeze to move some leaves. It ramps up quickly generating 200W of power at 10 meters per second. That’s around a 20 knot, fresh breeze, just enough to move around a small tree.

The three blades which measure one meter in diameter, are made from nylon fibre which makes it extremely strong, being able to withstand up to 45 meters per second of devastating winds. It is extremely portable, weighing only 6kg it is held down by guy wires and supported by a one-metre-high galvanised steel pole. You won’t need to reposition the wind generator too much, as it adjusts its position based on the incoming winds. It comes complete with a regulator and can be connected directly to an auxiliary battery with the red and black wires provided.

Complete kit comes in a handy carry bag – contains generator, mount pole ropes and voltage regulator (12V only).



  • Automatically adjusts its position based on wind direction
  • Generates 200W of power at 10 meters per second of wind speed
  • Start generating more power in fresh breezes
  • Starts generating power at only 2.5 meters per second of wind speed
  • Even at wind levels that barely move the leaves, you can start generating power
  • 1m blade diameter, packs away easily
  • Nylon fibre blades can withstand up to 45 meters per second of wind
  • Secured and stable with 4 galvanised steel poles and guy wires
  • Includes regulator and auxiliary battery wires

RRP AU $666 - available from Drivetech 4x4 Authorised Stockists. CLICK HERE to find your closest Stockist.

This product is universal. Please contact your nearest Drivetech 4x4 Authorised Dealer to check suitability for your required application.

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